4. Work


Select Publications

  • A People’s History of Classics: Class and Greco-Roman Antiquity in Britain 1689-1939 (2019) Routledge, forthcoming. Co-written with Edith Hall.
  • A Cockney Catullus: The Reception of Catullus in Romantic Britain (2016) (Oxford University Press, Classical Presences series). [Access on OSO]. Reviews: BARS Review; Classical ReviewModern Philology.
  • ‘The Only Tone For Terror: Tony Harrison and the Gorgon’s Gaze’ in New Light on Tony Harrison, ed. Edith Hall (BritAc, 2018) pp.55-78 — PDF.
  • ‘[Ted Hughes’s] Seneca’s Oedipus – by hook or by crook’ – article – (Mar. 2013) in a special edition of the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature (Vol. 40.1, pp.88-104) on ‘Seneca and the English Tradition.’9781350017269
  • ‘Classics Down the Mineshaft: a Buried History’, in Classics in Extremis (2018) edited by Edmund Richardson, by Henry Stead — read pre-print version (Bloomsbury) – PDF pp.136-156
  • ‘Classical Epic in Early Musical Theatre: The Case of Kane O’Hara’s Midas’ in Fiona Macintosh & Justine McConnell eds. Epic Performances from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century (Oxford University Press, 2018) pp.461-475.
  • Swinish Classics; a Conservative Clash with Cockney Culture’ in Stead & Hall eds. (Jun. 2015), Ancient Greek and Roman Classics and the British Struggle for Social Reform (Bloomsbury) 55-78.
  • ‘British Communist Theatre and Aristophanes: The Case of Ewan MacColl and Joan Littlewood’ in Movrin & Olechowska eds. (2018 forthcoming), Classics & Communism in Theatre.9780198804215
  • ‘Between the Party and the Ivory Tower: Classics and Communism in 1930s Britain’, written with Edith Hall in David Movrin & Elżbieta Olechowska eds. Classics and Class: Greek and Latin Classics and Communism at School (2016), pp.3-31.
  • The Classical Review (2016), Review of Amanda Wrigley’s Greece on Air (2015).
  • TLS – Time Literary Supplement, Review of Saunders et al. (ed.) Romans and Romantics (2012), Summer 2013.
  • BARS – British Association for Romantic Studies, (2013, issue 41) Review of Hopkins & Martindale (ed.) The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature – vol. 3: 1660-1790.


 Editing, Reviewing etc.

Select Talks and Presentations

  • Kazan_snap‘Jack Lindsay, Communism and the Classics’ – University of Newcastle, Australia (22nd Mar. 2019).
  • ‘A Communist Catullus? or the impact of ideology on classical translation’ – Kazan Federal University (October 2018).
  • ‘“Dear Comrade Apletin…” The British Left and the Foreign Commission of the Union of Soviet Writers’ – Anglo-Russian Research Network, Pushkin House (5th October 2018).
  • ‘Leigh Hunt and the Quotidian Catullus’ – Ancient Literature Seminar, Institute of Classical Studies, London (30th October 2017).
  • ‘A Short Gaze at the Gorgon: The Film-poetry of Tony Harrison’ – British Academy, London (28th April 2017).
  • Cure2017‘The Poetry of Pop: Was Ancient Drama the Rock Music of its Era?’ with members of The Cure – St. Gabriel’s School, Newbury (22nd March 2017).
  • ‘The Only Tone for Terror: Tony Harrison and the Film/Poem’ – TORCH, Oxford (9th Sept. 2016).
  • ‘A spectre is haunting World Literature — the spectre of Classics’ – King’s College London (4th Jun. 2016).
  • ‘Classics and Class in Liverpool’ – University of Liverpool (2nd Feb. 2016).
  • ‘Classics and Class in 19th-century Scotland’ – University of Stirling (7th Oct. 2015).
  • ‘A Communist Reception of Aristophanes: MacColl and Littlewood’s Operation Olive Branch – International Symposium: Ancient Theatre and Communism, Warsaw University Liberales Artes faculty (16th. Jan. 2015).
  • ‘How to kill a Cockney’ Bristol University, Departmental Seminar (25th Nov. 2014).
  • ‘Classics down the Mineshaft’ joint paper with Edith Hall at Durham University conference Classics in Extremis (2014).Henry Pic
  • ‘Classics and Communism in 1930s Britain’ joint paper with Edith Hall at Swansea University (7th May 2014).
  • ‘Catullus and Keats’ ICS Latin Research Seminar (10 Mar. 2014).
  • ‘Is the Study of Greek and Roman Classics Elitist’, joint paper with Edith Hall at Manchester Lit. and Phil. Soc. (4th Nov. 2013).
  • ‘Hercules and the Victorian Strongman’, joint paper with Edith Hall at Leeds University (24 Jun. 2013).
  • ‘Kane O’Hara’s Midas’ (c.1764) at the conference Performing Epic: before 1800, organised by APGRD, Oxford (21st Sept. 2013).
  • International symposium Classics and Class: Teaching Greek and Latin behind the Iron Curtain – Ljubljana, Slovenia (28th Sept. 2013).
  • Launched the AHRC-funded research project Classics and Class in Britain 1789-1939 at an international conference Framing Reception Studies in Nijmegen (6th Jun. 2013).
  • ‘Ted Hughes and Seneca’ for the Oxford APGRD seminar series, ‘Translation and Classical Reception’ (5th Nov. 2012).
  • Talk on Keats and his classical education at the Keats House (Oct. 2012).
  • ‘Keats and Catullus’ for Romantic Realignments, Oxford Research Seminar, in 2009.
  • Performances of AV poetry include: Filmpoem Festival, Dunbar 2013, London Poetry Systems OX 7, and Syndicate, Edinburgh, Modern Art Oxford, 2014 (as part of APGRD organised event, SHAPE-SHIFTERS), also January 2015.

Awards and prizes

  • Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellowship 2016-2019 – ‘Brave New Classics’.
  • The Times Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry in Translation (2011) for a translation of Seneca’s Medea, 3rd place.
  • Michael Comber Ph.D. Studentship for Classical Reception – Open University and University of Oxford (2008-2011).
  • Oxford University Computing Services, OxTalent award in 2010 for the innovatory digital humanities project, London Poetry Systems.
  • ‘The Odyssey: page to stage’ competition, judged by Bernard O’Donoghue.
  • Creative Writing Competition, London Metropolitan University (2008).
  • The Hardie Prize, Edinburgh University’s School of History, Classics and Archaeology (2007).
  • I won a white Tom and Jerry sweatshirt from a Saturday morning CBBC competition for writing the correct (and obvious) answer on an otherwise blank postcard (c. 1990).

Residencies and commissioned projects

  • In November 2017 I worked on  m e d e a  at Metal, Southend — on a Time and Space Residency.
  • I was commissioned to contribute to the Open University module, chaired by Dr. Joanna Paul entitled: ‘Classical Latin: the language of ancient Rome’ (2015). I spoke about Catullus, Horace and the practice of translation.
  • Oxford APGRD awarded me the position of Postdoctoral Associate and hired me to work on the Leverhulme-funded research project ‘Performing Epic’ (June-July 2012).
  • The international theatre company, Omniprop, commissioned me to translate Seneca’s Medea for a week-long run at the Burton Taylor Theatre, Oxford, in February 2011.

Select cross-media poems