The Maenad Project

is a theatrical and educational project, exploring the expression of human nature in extremes. It blends classical (ancient Greek and Roman) culture with experimental physical theatre and the deep end of the dance floor.

Jef Oswald, a founding member of London Poetry Systems, now director of Methlab Agency and Label. Based in Brno, he produces music, djs and fosters international multimodal collaboration. In 2016 Methlab won the Best New Comer award from D&B Arena, representing artists from the cutting edge of the tech-fuelled electronic spectrum. They push aphotic electronic bass music, created by pioneering individuals who aren’t afraid to break away from the pack and are so unique in their abilities that their ever-growing audiences follow their continual experimentation. Jef worked with Henry and Elisa Muliere on the AV translation ATTIS (Catullus 63).

Ilda Bisić is a Bosnian actor, who graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2016. She is a physical theatre practitioner. In the summer of 2014 she featured in Our everyday life story, directed by Ines Tanović and shot in Slovenia and Sarajevo. It was first screened at Sarajevo Film Festival.


Henry Stead is a London-based poet and educator. He is a Research Fellow at Open University, working on a project called Brave New Classics, exploring the impact of the Russian Revolution on British culture. He worked 2013-2016 on “Classics and Class” at KCL and translates for performance. He is author of A Cockney Catullus (OUP, 2016) and director of London Poetry Systems (est. 2008), a cross-media poetry platform.

Henry McGrath is a UK-based director and theatre practitioner. He is an associate artist and principal actor at the internationally celebrated Polish group, Song of the Goat, with whom he has toured internationally. He is Co-Artistic director at Animikii theatre, a training-orientated ensemble and a pioneering force of physical theatre in Manchester and the NW. Henry directed their critically acclaimed production Origins that toured to the Southbank Centre as part of a ‘Nation’s Theatre’. Henry is also Artistic Director at Eden’s Cave, a unique laboratory project primarily based in the SW making performances that speak of our natural world.