m e d e a 2 0 1 1

is  a  performance  version  of  Seneca’s Medea


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Its first staging, directed by Helen Slaney, opened on Tuesday 15 February 2011. Its original score was made by Jef Oswald, Methlab Agency. It was performed by an all-female cast of five. For more information about the production please VISIT.

This TRAILER was shot by Robert Rapaport:


You can WATCH a video of the first staging of Seneca’s Medea in 2011.
The script and score may be made freely available for students and non-commercial theatre groups. Other enquiries welcome — EMAIL


You can also  LISTEN to Jef Oswald’s original score.

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The translation won a Stephen Spender prize in 2011.
Here you can READ the submitted choral ode.


Reviews of the translation


“Punchy, sharp, visceral, the lines broken up in pauses as if, appropriately, spat on the page.” — George Szirtes


“Huge dramatic energy and great pace.” — Susan Bassnet


Reviews of the performance

“We had just spent sixty minutes engulfed in the turbulent, claustrophobic and terrifying mind of a woman scorned… Seneca, Stead, Slaney and the five Medeas wrenched us out of our comfort zones… rendering this adaptation intense, poignant and highly recommended.”**** Holly Hewlett Oxford Theatre Review.”A brilliant take on the famous myth, handled with utmost passion by each of the actresses. Translator Henry Stead has skilfully produced a metamorphosis of the Latin text to a clear, understandable and riveting English translation which upholds all the emotion of the original. It is not often that you see an ancient play so enjoyable and easy to follow…”

**** Laura Aitken-Burt, Oxford Theatre Review.